The government takes a part of the employee's salary each month before the employee enjoys the money. Other than the government, there are also many other deductions that you might find in your paycheck. Thus, it is paramount to understand about the pay stub and the many reductions it has. Thus it is important to comprehend about your pay stub and some of the things you will see being highlighted. 

Gross pay 

The gross pay is the amount of money that you earn during each pay day before any deductions. Thus, this means that this is not the amount that you will take home. 

Net pay 

Net pay is the amount of money that you pay after all the deductions have been made. It is the sum of money that you take to the bank. 

Federal withholding 

It is the recommendation of the government that all the income you get should be taxed. The amount of money taxed depends on the withholding that have been noted on your tax form as well as the amount that you earn. If you are not sure at the much you should have the employer withdraw, you should calculate your allowances that are affected by your marital status and the exemptions that you get, what is a paystub generator? 

Social security 

The social security is an employment act that is a part of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). It is designed so that it can offer benefits for the retirees, those who are disabled, and children of the deceased workers. This payment should be made by both you and your employer. The payment made is 62% that is withheld from payments and should go up to $118,500. In case you reach the limit before the year ends, you will not get any social security tax for the rest of the year. However, the payment is reset each year.For more facts and information about pay stubs you can go to 

State withholding 

Unless you live in the nine states that do not have state withholding, this is another deduction that you will get in your paycheck. However unlike the federal withholding tax, here is no standard limit. The amount that you pay depends on the state, some states will charge a flat rate, some follow a table, and others pay a percentage of federal tax.

 Local taxes 


In case you live in a state that has local taxes, you will also have to pay these deductions. The rates vary. They are assessed and levied by the local authorities like the municipal council. Know how to get pay stubs from employer here!