For years, small business owners wrote their employees paychecks directly from their own company checkbook. Larger companies would set up entirely separate bank accounts that were used for payroll purposes and to help simplify the process. This would not work in today's world because employees need written proof of how much the employer has paid them over the course of the pay period. They need this proof because there have been a lot of companies who have recently had bad press about cheating their employees out of their hard earned money. You will need the right type of software if you'd like to generate the right type of pay stub that your employees. 

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why does everyone need a pay stub? In most cases the answer to that question is to track their earnings over the course of the year. Even though most employers are honest there are a few who will try to take advantage of their employees trust. These payroll stubs are the only way an employee can access their payment history and monitoring their income.

There are a large number of deductions taken out of a paycheck each week and these deductions are what help pay your federal, state, local and any additional taxes. Additional deductions include things like 401k retirement funds, medical and dental insurance taxes. Employees want to make sure that all the taxes were taken out and the right deductions were made. If you want to learn more about pay stubs, you can visit 

Realizing that a pay stub is important for your employees the next step is creating a payroll stub, or finding the right software to perform the function. It might not be wise to write out all your individual pay stubs by hand as it can take forever and the programs to do this aren't that expensive. Plus, there are certain banks and loan companies who don't accept hand written pay stubs. What is a pay stub? 


There is a wide variety of different accounting software's that can be used to help create payroll stubs for your employees. A lot of times these check stub paper programs can be found for free or at a cost that won't break the bank, even if you're a small business. There are a lot of low cost templates online that are perfectly adequate and can take care of the majority of your employees needs. The only thing that you need to remember is that your template needs to work with the software  you are using. You also need to provide the information that your employees want to see on their pay stubs.